Esports Hub returns for the 2024 VCT season

Ahead of the start of the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) season, Riot Games has announced the return of the “Esports Hub”. The Esports Hub will be directly integrated into the VALORANT homepage and will offer players the opportunity to find information about upcoming events and professional teams.

VALORANT’s Esports Hub was first introduced globally last year to further connect its player base and competitive ecosystem. In the notes of the latest patch, Riot highlighted that it would be returning along with some improvements.

These improvements include. information on the full VCT format, the creation of better tournament displays for global events, such as the Madrid VCT, and the addition of a filterable schedule page for your international VCT leagues.. Another feature of VALORANT’s Esports Hub is that fans can click on official VCT broadcasts directly from the client itself.

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Since VALORANT’s launch in 2020, the FPS title has steadily integrated its esports ecosystem directly into the video game. Along with the creation of its Esports Hub, the title has its own integrated ecosystem on the road to pro called VALORANT Premier.

In addition, during major esports events, VALORANT often releases VCT-themed skins that offer revenue sharing opportunities to selected organizations. Last year, Leo Faria, global head of VALORANT Esports, stated that Riot Games distributed more than $33M to organizations through digital item revenue in 2023.

VALORANT is not the only title to capitalize on its esports ecosystem through the use of in-game cosmetics and interfaces in the video game. For example, Rocket League has its own esports store where fans can purchase branded cosmetics from RLCS teams. This store was recently updated for 2024 with the inclusion of 10 new organizations.

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The VCT is ready to start its 2024 season. with a series of events for its four international semi-franchised leagues, VCT Americas, VCT Pacific, VCT EMEA and the newly launched VCT China.which will start at the end of February. The Chinese league, which features partner teams such as Wolves Esports and FunPlus Phoenix, VALORANT Esports will head to Shanghai for its second Masters event.

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