Esports City Fest Andorra prepares to welcome the best Clash Royale players in the World

Esports City League, the circuit of amateur esports competitions linked to DreamHack Spainwill have in its edition of Andorrato be held between May 20 and 21 at the Polideportivo de Andorra, with one of the biggest international Clash Royale matches.the #IberianCup. The tournament will be casted by RevolAimar.the official ambassador of the competition, and will have a prize pool of €15,000.

Clash Royale, the online strategy video game for mobile devices created by the company Supercell, has been part of Esports City League since the beginning of the league, with season 0. It is a video game that has millions of people playing daily, has a very attractive competitive scene, and is constantly growing. Season 3 of the league also features Clash Royale, and players can sign up to compete at .

In light of the tremendous success, this year the Dreamhack Spain 2023 Clash Royale Circuita competition made up of four offline events in which 70,000 to 100,000 players are expected to participate. in all qualifying rounds. The first major stop of the circuit will be in Andorra at Esports City Fest. The other three big events of the competition will take place at DreamHack Valencia summer edition, Go2DreamHack in Madrid and DreamHack Valencia winter edition.

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In addition, the Clash Royale tournament at Esports City Fest Andorra will feature great guests such as RevolAimar, official Clash Royale ambassador of Esports City League, and one of the biggest referents in the scene of this video game in Spain.

After becoming the first official venue outside Spain for Esports City League, Andorra is now getting ready to host one of the stops of this third season with an international festival and totally open to the public. In addition to the Clash Royale tournament, the event will feature face-to-face competitions of other video games such as Rocket League, Fortnite and Marvel Snap, F1 and Simracing.

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Alongside RevolAimar will be present other casters and content creators such as Suja, DualView, Bekaesh or Elesky, who will offer a piano concert of the soundtracks of the most iconic video games.

Esports City Fest Andorra will be a unique opportunity for video game and esports lovers. who want to enjoy the competition, meet their favorite content creators or enjoy the areas dedicated to gaming, virtual reality or free-play zones.

Tickets to attend Esports City Fest Andorra are already on sale. Anyone who wants to experience this international gaming festival can purchase their ticket on the official website:

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