Erdogan warns Greece that it will “pay a heavy price” for its actions in Aegean Sea

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Greece on Saturday that it will “pay a heavy price” for the harassment of Turkish military aircraft in the Aegean Sea and denounced the Greek “occupation” of islands in the area.

“It will pay a high price if it goes too far,” Erdogan has said during an event in the Black Sea coastal province of Samsun, Turkish news agency Anatolia reports.

“Greece, examine history, look back. If you go too far you will pay a high price. We have one thing to say to Greece: remember Smyrna,” he added in reference to the expulsion of Greece from this Turkish province during the creation of modern Turkey in 1922.

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Moreover, Erdogan has asserted that the “occupation” of Aegean islands by Greece “does not concern us.” “When the time comes we will do what is necessary. As we usually say, it will be suddenly. We can come at night,” he has threatened.

Turkey has denounced as a “hostile act” the use of S-300 anti-aircraft system radars located on the Greek island of Crete to target Turkish F-16 fighter jets on August 23.

In addition, Turkey has criticized the withdrawal of a congratulatory message to Turkey from NATO on Twitter due to pressure from Greece. NATO congratulated Turkey on its Victory Day, August 30, the anniversary of the Battle of Dumlupinar, in which Turkish forces drove Greek forces from the Anatolian peninsula during WWI.

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