Sam Bankman-Fried transferred $684,000 to a new crypto-currency exchange while under arrest!

After being released, Sam Bankman-Fried sent all of his remaining crypto to a new Ethereum address he created a few hours earlier. In less than three hours, over 100 deposits were made to numerous addresses with some connection to SBF’s Alameda Research.

Recently, 570 Ethereum worth about $700,000 were transferred to various destinations, including a Seychelles-based no-KYC exchange and to the Bitcoin network via the bridge. Such transactions were once considered suspicious because they could hint at an unpleasant fact: SBF is preparing to execute.

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The anonymous on-chain detectives have even decided to share the data with prosecutors’ attorneys, as SBF’s actions at the moment show that its intentions to work with the prosecution and in the interest of FTX’s clients could be misleading.

It is possible that Sam Bankman-Fried and his counterparts are in the process of liquidating, although the actions on the chain do not look like it. It is not yet clear whether his accounts are controlled by SBF itself or by third parties, which would explain the contractor’s current behavior.

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