Elon Musk wants to solve one of the biggest problems of our time and is founding a new company

Elon Musk founds the new AI company

Elon Musk founds the new AI company “xAI” (Image: Dimitrios Kambouris / AFP)

Elon Musk, the visionary tech entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has made headlines again. This time, he announced the creation of a new artificial intelligence company, which goes by the name of xAI.

The goal of xAI is to create a competitor to the popular AI program ChatGPT. But while other AI developers rely on algorithms that can sometimes provide biased answers, Musk’s xAI promises a revolutionary solution: the truth.

»xAI should understand the universe and reality«

Musk was one of the early supporters of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. However, he later criticized the company for taking precautions to prevent the chatbot from giving controversial answers.

In an interview with the American news service Fox News a few months ago, he announced that he was working on an AI “that wants to understand the universe” and that is supposed to find out nothing but the truth – at the time he called the project “TruthGPT”.

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In fact, fake news, plagiarism and deepfakes are a big problem of our age. With the boom in AI programs like ChatGPT, this has only gotten bigger. In the meantime, it has become particularly difficult to distinguish fake from real.

In contrast to those of other companies, Musk’s AI should always provide truthful answers.

His decision to found xAI comes as a surprise, however, given his past warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence and, along with other tech leaders, calling for a pause in an “out of control” AI race.

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Further details on the company’s mission are not yet known, but xAI’s website indicates that they are actively recruiting. Currently, the team on the site is made up of all male members. They will work closely with Tesla and Twitter to develop the AI.

Musk’s announcement of the new company comes at an uncertain time for him as Twitter struggles following controversy and falling usage. Many users have abandoned the platform and signed up to Metas Threads.

What do you think of Elon Musk’s plans? Do you think he will be successful with this or will his visions remain dreams? Do you think misinformation on the internet is a big problem of our time? What do you think can be done about it or is this a problem you just have to live with in the age of AI? Tell us in the comments!

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