An artist’s work has been stolen by AI more often than Picasso –

Greg Rutkowski may not be a familiar name, but you’ve certainly seen his art before, as well as in games like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. He has worked for major companies such as Ubisoft, Disney, Games Workshop and more.

And yet, with such a prolific profile, Rutkowski has been targeted many times by those seeking to emulate his style with AI. According to the BBC, he has had his name searched more than 400,000 times, which is more than Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso.

“The first month I discovered it, I realized that it will obviously affect my career and that I will not be able to recognize and find my own works on the Internet,” Rutkowski said. “The results will be associated with my name, but it won’t be my image. It will not be created by me. So it will add confusion for people who discover my works.”“My work and future are under a huge question mark,” . he continued. AI has experienced exponential growth recently and now you can create any art you want with a simple prompt, leaving many artists worried about how they will continue to make a living in the future.

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Artist's work stolen by AI more often than Picasso

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