Easter Egg hints at highlight at WWDC 2023

Apple may be teasing the VRAR headset.

Apple may be teasing the VR/AR headset.

WWDC 2023 will take place on June 5th. That much is certain. In addition to the expected presentation of the operating systems, it is very likely that Apple will also present a whole new product category: mixed reality glasses.

An Easter egg that alludes to this very idea can be found on the event page.

This is how you find the Easter Egg

If you are curious and want to see the Easter Egg with your own eyes, you have to go to Apple’s official event page with an iPhone or iPad and tap on the logo.

This will open an AR view where you can see the morphing logo with the date (June 5th).

In order to be able to take a closer look at the hidden allusion, you can switch from the AR view to a gray background.

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A nod to the upcoming mixed reality headset?

A nod to the upcoming mixed reality headset?

It is still unclear whether Apple’s first mixed reality glasses will actually be presented at this year’s developer conference.

There have been rumors about uncertainties that seem to be deeply rooted in the Apple group in the past. But with this Easter Egg, an announcement has become all the more likely.

There will be certainty at the developer conference.

Apple’s first mixed reality glasses should be able to do that

Rumor has it that the glasses will be called Reality Pro. The operating system of the glasses should be called “xrOS”, which should probably stand for “Extended Reality OS”.

The previous leaks want to certify the upcoming glasses a three-display technology: Two micro-OLED displays with 4K resolution are to be used.

Another AMOLED panel should be installed in the headset for lower resolutions.

Apple’s M2 chip, which is also found in various MacBooks and iPad Pros, is probably used as the processor.

The chip is supported with 16 GB of RAM. Industry insider Ross Young, who is networked in supply chains, started Twitter also made a post that should reveal more details about the glasses.

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According to this, the glasses supposedly support a (peak) brightness of 5000 nits. According to Ross Young, each of the two displays measures 1.41 inches diagonally.

To ensure constant power, the headset will reportedly come with a 96-watt charging cable. With an external battery, the mixed reality glasses should run for up to two hours.

There are many more rumors about Apple glasses circulating on the Internet. According to The Information, the headset should also be equipped with an iris scanner, which can be used for authentication similar to Face ID and Touch ID.

It remains to be seen which of the above rumors will actually apply to the glasses.

Apple’s mixed reality glasses are becoming more and more likely. How is your opinion on this topic? Are you also excited about the new product or are you completely cold? What are your expectations of the headset? What other performances are you looking forward to at WWDC 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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