TikTok adds new tools for editing and adjusting clips uploaded to the platform

Lagging behind rival Instagram Reels, TikTok will now have its own video editor with advanced features, allowing authors to retouch their video creations directly from the mobile app without the need for external editing tools.

Although the platform already offered several editing tools for creators, their functionality was basic, with TikTok creators having to turn to external solutions to apply more advanced effects and retouching. With the enhancements, TikTok becomes a competent video editor, complete with an intuitive timeline for overlaying the footage that will make up the final clip. Users can cut and paste videos, add text and soundtracks, and even add photos or other videos to be displayed in Picture-in-Picture mode.

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The list of available options continues with adjusting the playback speed, zooming in and out of the picture and rotating badly shot clips, applying audio effects.

According to the official release, the new tools “empower people to enjoy more creative freedom“.

To expand what’s possible with content on TikTok, we’ve introduced a range of enhanced authoring and editing tools. Available now in the US and most regions globally, our new editing tools allow people to enjoy more creative freedom, share richer stories, and bring their content ideas to life in different formats.

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In addition to the new TikTok editor, ByteDance also announced Photo Mode, a carousel format that allows users to share photos directly to TikTok combined with a soundtrack. TikTok has also increased the character limit for post descriptions.

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