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E Ink color screens can now be rolled and folded, simulating paper even better. VIDEO


E Ink recently launched the new Kaleido 3 panels, which promise larger devices, faster screen refresh and improved colors, which will soon bring tablets of various sizes with such screens to the market. But these are not the only new screens that E Ink is launching this year. E Ink Gallery 3 is a new generation of display that mimics paper, which for the first time, can be integrated into devices in foldable or rollable format.

The new E Ink Gallery 3 panels are getting better in every way

The idea behind the Gallery panel series is the static content, which enhances the display of color images in E Ink format. Compared to the previous generation, E Ink Gallery 3 offers a resolution of 300 ppi, compared to 150 ppi, with over 50,000 shades of color, a major improvement from the 4,096 colors on the previous version.

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However, the biggest improvements are in the refresh rate of the image. Gallery 3 can completely change a full screen color image in just 1.5 seconds, up to 10 seconds before. There is also a faster mode, which lowers the image quality, but can completely change the display in just 0.35 seconds.

But the most important change is the screen format. It can be used in rolling or folding devices, providing an even better simulation of a book, magazine or newspaper. The concepts presented by E Ink demonstrate formats of devices that we have seen before from smartphone manufacturers, but with E Ink panels, which do not use backlighting, being more restful for the eyes when reading. Of course, this makes these displays dependent on an outside light source. E Ink says that these foldable screens can also be equipped with LEDs for, as we have seen on other types of “reader” devices.

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The first devices equipped with both E Ink Gallery 3 and Kaleido 3 screens are expected to be announced later this year.

source: The Verge

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