Dogecoin gains 116% in two weeks, meme king outpaces major crypto assets

Statistics show that dogecoin has gained 116.3% in the past two weeks, and the token has moved into eighth place in the current crypto market.

Who let the dogs out? Dogecoin is crushing the competition with triple-digit gains in two weeks.

Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen an incredible jump lately, and it all started when Elon Musk officially took the reins of Twitter. Two-week measurements against the U.S. dollar show that DOGE has jumped an impressive 116.3%, outpacing the gains recorded by crypto asset leaders such as BTC and ETH.

Dogecoin climbs 116% in 2 weeks, king of memes surpasses major crypto assets.
Since billionaire Tesla executive Elon Musk took control of Twitter, the value of dogecoin (DOGE) has skyrocketed. People suspect Musk of integrating dogecoin payments into the social media platform.

The 30-day statistics show that DOGE is up 98.8% and in the past week, dogecoin has gained 52.8% in value. However, despite the mega gains over the past month, DOGE is still down 51.3% year-to-date and 82.5% from its all-time high of $0.73. In the past 24 hours, DOGE has had a price range of $0.122 to $0.134.

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Doge is now the eighth largest coin in terms of market capitalization and the coin has seen $3.10 billion in global trading volume over 24 hours. Doge’s market capitalization today stands at $17.5 billion by current measures and there is an outstanding supply of over one hundred and thirty-six billion DOGE.

Dogecoin climbs 116% in 2 weeks, king of memes surpasses major crypto assets.

The first meme currency has also fueled the entire meme currency economy as it is now valued at $25 billion, a 5.9% increase in its USD value over the past 24 hours. The second largest meme currency has not seen gains like DOGE over the past week, the Shiba inu (SHIB), however, gained 8% last week.

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Other meme coin assets like dogelon mars (ELON) and floki (FLOKI) gained between 31% and 52% over the past week. Today, DOGE is equivalent to 70% of the entire $25 billion meme currency economy and 1.587% of the entire $1.1 trillion crypto economy.

Tether (USDT) is the leading dogecoin pair as it accounts for 52.88% of all DOGE transactions today, while BUSD follows with 18.76% of all DOGE transactions in the past 24 hours. BUSD is followed by USD (16.76%), BTC (2.70%), KRW (2.68%) and TRY (2.03%) respectively, according to data compiled by

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