Despite petitioning the rest of the industry to “take a break,” Elon Musk is investing heavily in AI development for the Twitter network

After signing a collective letter calling for a six-month “pause” in AI research on the grounds of reassessing the dangers posed by too-rapid adoption of artificial intelligence technologies, Elon Musk has reportedly purchased more than 10,000 Enterprise-class GPUs to populate a data center put in support of Twitter.

The news that surfaced on April 1 that Elon Musk and other influential entrepreneurs have signed a public letter asking the tech industry to “take a break” from deploying artificial intelligence technologies for 6 months is looking more and more like a hoax. Meanwhile, sources cited by Business Insider reveal that Musk has commissioned a datacenter equipped with more than 10,000 of the same kind of GPUs used by rival ChatGPT to process AI algorithms.

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Although, the news itself isn’t necessarily at odds with the more cautious attitude Musk has called for, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re dealing with an “arms race” between tech giants with the potential to fundamentally shift the poles of power in the industry.

Returning to Twitter, it’s easy to anticipate with Musk might see AI as an answer/solution to all the problems raised by successive waves of layoffs and changes introduced without proper testing.

In addition to expensive hardware, the Twitter chief has also invested in hiring a “pedigreed” research team that includes several former DeepMind employees.

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