Five creative and cool ways to use Miracle AI

Since the release of ChatGPT, more and more people are discovering the enormous potential of this and other AIs. It was only a matter of time before there were a few ideas bordering on ingenuity, that of the word Lifehack really breathe life into it.

Whether it’s writing an immersive minigame in just a few hours or helping with a speeding ticket, we bring you ideas that really feel like a lifehack and have been used as one.

1. Reduce fines with ChatGPT

Parked wrong or rested your foot a little too much on the pedal? That can get expensive. Sometimes, however, you can save yourself from higher sums with a well-formulated letter. At least speed cameras can have errors and also People are known to be imperfect.

There’s just one problem: not everyone would spontaneously know how to best formulate such a letter.

That’s what British student Millie Houlton thought too 60 pounds speeding ticket could even escape entirely for illegal parking.

»[…]it was quite difficult to formulate what I wanted to say, so I thought I’d just see if ChatGPT could do that for me.«

How did she do that? With a letter she had ChatGPT draft, as seen in the image below.

Millie Houlton knew formal letters weren't her forte.  Nothing comes easier to ChatGPT than that.

Millie Houlton knew formal letters weren’t her forte. Nothing comes easier to ChatGPT than that.

But beware: ChatGPT is potentially very useful in such a case, but only if there is really reasonable scope for mitigating the penalty.

2. Develop games in record time

What gamer hasn’t dreamed of becoming a game developer? With ChatGPT, this dream is also coming for Casual coders or absolute beginners within reach.

A great example is the mini game Sumpletethat you can try for free directly in the browser It was – you guessed it – with the help of ChatGPT programmed.

In Sumplete, you can eliminate numbers in a grid so that the rows and columns give the target values, which are noted below and to the right, respectively. But be careful: the addictive factor is quite high, although it is »only« a kind of Sudoku.

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The developer Daniel Tait programmed the game “in a few hours with ChatGPT”. According to his own statements, he had a playable version of the game, without even writing a line of code to have to. Also the idea for the game came from ChatGPT. The goal was to create a puzzle game like Sudoku that doesn’t exist yet.

Without any previous knowledge, it might be difficult to imitate something like this yourself, especially since you also need a good game idea. However, it is still remarkable how helpful ChatGPT can be when programming.

3. ChatGPT as a particularly detailed search engine

After game programming and fine reduction, we come to a life hack of a somewhat smaller variety. Anyone can really use it at some point.

Have you ever thought of a series or something similar from your childhood and wanted to know what it was called? Or did you have an actor in mind that you can’t remember the name of?

ChatTGPT often knows what you are looking for, even if you cannot describe it well.  (Movie: Venom 2 Source: Sony)

ChatTGPT often knows what you are looking for, even if you cannot describe it well. (Movie: Venom 2 / Source: Sony)

So far, in such cases, you were rather powerless if you didn’t have anyone around who knew what was meant. And Google is rarely a good solution in such cases.

For example, when I type the following sentence into Google, I don’t get the desired result:

“What’s the name of the movie where a man in a black suit opens his mouth really wide?”

Google suggests “Get Out” or “Black Adam”, which is not what they meant. ChatGPT, on the other hand, gives me the choice between “Deadpool” and “Venom”. I was looking for the latter.

By the way: This can also work for music or books. However, keep in mind that ChatGPT’s data only goes up to September 2021. There are no more recent data in the current version.

4. Write books

As you can see, what used to be highly complicated is now child’s play with ChatGPT – or a children’s book. Because this is a particularly popular goal for some users who want to make quick money with ChatGPT.

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In fact, the AI ​​is very good at writing books. Especially children’s books are not a big challenge because of their easy language. The problem is the originality. After all, ChatGPT can only take and combine components from existing works.

originality and humanity However, you can deliver it yourself and use ChatGPT as an assistant, so to speak. This is how the YouTuber Martin did it, for example, who also made money with it. With a good idea and a little help from ChatGPT, I’m sure more people can.

But you have to be aware that the competition in this area will probably only grow, as the first developments at Amazon are already showing:

More than 200 books on Amazon are written with ChatGPT – and the numbers are increasing

5. Make music

If you already make music or would like to start, ChatGPT can help you with that. Especially at lyrics, chords and tabs (notes written in numbers, see image above) the AI ​​can be helpful. For example, you can have them adopt a certain style or combine several of them.

For example, you could output Taylor Swift-style text about a breakup and then generate metal-style guitar tabs afterwards.

What else is possible with AI and music was shown by Roberto Nickson, who produced a short song and makes it sound as if it were another artist with ease:

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These were life hacks for ChatGPT that others have successfully tested for you. Will you try any of these? Do you have any other ideas that could be called life hacks? Has ChatGPT ever helped you in a situation that you otherwise would not have been able to cope with? Write it to us in the comments!

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