Dem Rădulescu’s last love. The bass fell hopelessly in love with one of his students, the child-voiced actress who was to give him a daughter

Dem Rădulescu, nicknamed Bibanul, is one of the greatest actors that Romania had, during the communist era, but also afterwards, so that he will most likely remain forever in the collective memory of Romanians.

Although we know him from the many comedies in which he has acted over the years, few people know details about his personal life.

Dem Rădulescu / Photo: Buftea Studios
Dem Rădulescu / Photo: Buftea Studios

Dem Rădulescu fell hopelessly in love at 55

Dem Rădulescu was married to Paula Rădulescu, a former student of his. She later spoke of her relationship with the great actor, saying that she was extremely lucky to be married to him, as “nobody touched her”.

“In the most banal way possible and the most convenient for the times. At that time, in Râmnicu Vâlcea, in the evening, people went for a walk on the boulevard. And the gang of which I was a member would walk along the boulevard, we would meet under the chestnut trees. It seems that this custom was also in use when Dem Rădulescu was my age, he being nine years older than me. One evening, he caught sight of me while he was with a friend of his to whom he said “Who is that girl? I’d like to meet her.” And his friend said, “Let me go and excuse her.” That’s how it was done in those days, that is, to apologize for wanting to meet Bibanu’. And I told him I didn’t want to meet him. I knew who he was because he was already a star, there was no way I hadn’t heard, especially since he was still from Valcea. Eventually his friend convinced me to meet him. We got acquainted that evening, and after three months we got married”, Paula Rădulescu told Adevă

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He became her husband three months after they met and, according to her, he mentored her in life and taught her how to overcome the obstacle of her childish voice, which prevented her from performing in the theatre, despite her efforts to change her timbre so that she could mould herself to a wider range of roles.

dem radulescu and family
Dem Radulescu, Paula Radulescu and little Irina Radulescu

Paula Rădulescu gave her a little girl

Incidentally, the couple’s marriage resulted in a little girl of whom Dem Rădulescu is said to have been very proud, loving her as much as he loved his wife Paula.

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“I put the event without realizing it, it just happened to happen. It was the will of divine force and the Nomad, where it will take place tomorrow night. Dad would have been 90. Dad and Dimitris have a lot in common, from humor to names.

I’ve noticed that a lot of young people, teenagers, watch Dad movies and laugh even though they don’t have those landmarks. Humor doesn’t die. We will also make a post-event album in memory of my father”, Irina Rădulescu, the late actor’s daughter, said a year ago on La Măruță, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

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