A car brand charges customers $18/month for heated seats

The auto industry is moving toward a micro-business model, much like video games. BMW will charge customers the equivalent of about $18/month in several states for heated seats in their cars. Per year, the package costs $180, and for three years consumers must pay $300.

At the same time, those who want heated steering wheels must pay $12 per month. Car camera registration costs $235 for life.

Screenshot from BMW’s UK online store, where the company offers various options for a fee.

Such packages are nothing new in the car market, especially in the luxury segment. Mercedes-Benz stirred controversy when it announced the Customization Package for its electric EQS model. The package costs €89 and allows owners to play Tetris, Sudoku, Shuffle Puck and Pairs on the car’s display. The offer also includes customisations to the car’s lights and sound.

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Systems already exist on BMW cars, but are blocked

BMW launched the heated seat subscription first in South Korea. The company is offering features for a fee as early as 2020. These include headlights that react automatically to road conditions or autopilot.

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Heated seats can still be ordered in virtual stores in the UK, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa.

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Customers did not welcome the micro-trade. Many said they were a sign of “greed” and that the German brand was exploiting consumers.

It’s odd that people have to pay for a feature of the car that already exists on it, only it’s locked in by software. As if to rub salt in the wound, BMW states, “The hardware for this feature was already installed in your vehicle during production at no extra cost to you.”

Via The Verge

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