All Romanians who have cars must know. The car tax is higher or lower, from one locality to another: why does this happen

In case you didn’t know, there are some differences between the car tax values, calculated from locality to locality. The reason for this is happening.

Although, at least initially, the car tax is calculated according to the cylinder capacity of your car’s engine, there are other aspects that regulate the amount you will have to pay, as we will see in the following. In general, it is about the decisions taken by the local councils of each locality, in part. In other words, it depends on how lucky you are.

How to calculate car tax according to the cylinder capacity of your car

The method of calculating the car tax is done by multiplying each group by 200 cm3, with a corresponding amount from the Fiscal Code.

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A specific example: for cars that have a cylinder capacity between 1,601 cc and 2,000 cc, the amount due will be 18 lei / 200 cc. What exceeds this capacity will be 72 lei / 200 cm3 (up to 2,600 cm3). Regarding the more powerful cars (2,601 cc – 3,000 cc), the amount of 144 lei / 200 cc will be paid. From 3,001 cc, upwards, 290 lei / 200 cc will be paid.

It should be noted, however, that there are several categories of reductions and exemptions in the Tax Code, so “local councils may decide to grant exemption or reduction of the tax on means of transport for (…)”.

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Moreover, with regard to hybrid means of transport, the tax may be reduced by at least 50%, according to the decision of the local council, according to the same normative act.

What you need to know, according to the law, about the 50% reduced tax for individuals:

a) Government Decision no. 323/1996 on the approval of the Special Program for supporting the economic and social development of some localities in the Apuseni Mountains, with subsequent amendments;

b) Government Decision no. 395/1996 for the approval of the Special Program regarding some measures and actions for supporting the economic and social development of Tulcea County and of the “Danube Delta” Biosphere Reserve, with the subsequent modifications.

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