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The developer of Wanted: Dead called Soleil Ltd. consists of a team of people who previously worked on great titles such as Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. This studio released the game Wanted: Dead last month. Described as a Hack-and-Slash/Shooter, the title puts you in the role of Agent Stone who, along with her team, plans to bring a major plot to the outside world. You can read exactly how this works and whether we liked the game below in the review of Wanted: Dead!

What I mentioned earlier in Wanted: Dead you play as the main character Hannah Stone. Hannah is a member of the Zombie Squad ( these are convicts with a life sentence ) which you can somewhat compare to The Suicide Squad. The Zombie Squad must take on Dauer Synthetics in this game because they have bad intentions with the world. Unfortunately, this is largely the story and otherwise revolves around the interaction between the characters themselves who also don’t have particularly much to say to each other. This ensures that you never really get any sort of connection between the game’s characters.

Then we come to the point of gameplay because if the story is not engaging then you hope that the gameplay at least stands as a house. Also, unfortunately, this is not the case. Hannah Stone enters her battles with a sword and multiple types of pistols. The battles seem to be a mix of hack and slash and a third-person shooter. The idea of the game is nice only in this game it does not manage to do justice to it at all.

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The game starts with a short tutorial explaining the basics of the game. At first this seems interesting and imaginative but once the game starts this interest quickly disappears. In the game the members of Zombie Squad accompany you but they are so completely useless that they might as well have stayed absent. Your enemies are always focused on Hannah so it doesn’t matter much that your squad members are present. You can’t control them either so really it’s more padding for the game.

Sword fighting is useful to use in close combat unfortunately these fights are always just a little too slow. The game does not seem to be well tuned in this respect because the moment you press the button and the character takes action sometimes takes just a little too long. This also makes blocking with the sword very difficult and you can’t really build a combo.

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Fortunately, shooting is still there. This seems to work just a little better than swordplay. This too does have its quirks. When you give an enemy a headshot they won’t always fall down at once but they will if you hit them at a different spot. No particular logic is really found in this.

In terms of graphics, the game is not very good either. The game seems to be two generations older. Not only the characters but also the environments feel quite old-fashioned.


The idea of Wanted: Dead is very nice but the execution is to whine. The story is super bad and not much time put into it. The gameplay of the game could have saved the game but unfortunately that too failed. On graphical aspect the game also leaves a lot to be desired. Then you also pay the main price for the game of about €60. I say let it lie.

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