Noxia Somnia demo playable during Steam Next Fest – That’s Gaming

Independent development studio Reframe Games has announced that the demo version of Noxia Somnia will be live on Steam today through Oct. 16 as part of Steam’s Next Festival.

Noxia Somnia is a blend of psychological horror and action where players face and overcome their own fears as they traverse nightmarish environments, engage in intense combat and survive encounters with terrifying stalker enemies.

Your character, Tristan, wakes up in a mysterious realm infected with evil creatures that thrive on fear, self-doubt and grief. Players must help him overcome his deepest fears to ensure an escape.

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The game features exploration, combat and character progression, along with a compelling story that focuses on sanity. It also allows players to customize their gameplay and deepen their understanding of the game world through collectibles and upgrades in the forest.

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