Arbitrum forced to change plans in tense climate

Arbitrum ensures to listen to his community and will organize from new votes Distinct after the tensions aroundAIP-1. The foundation began to implement implementation some decisions before even the vote of its DAO.

On Sunday, on Twitter, the holders ofARB insurgent while the Arbitrum Foundation proceeded to the sale and transfer of tokens even before the governance vote related to the transaction is passed.

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The proposal named AIP-1and including a number of measures, has so far received a notice unfavorable of its community. At present, more than 80% are against. The vote ends on Tuesday.

Last night, the foundation acknowledged that the AIP-1 proposal would not pass probably not ” and pledged to respond to her community’s comments.

AIP-1 is too large and covers too many topics. We will follow DAO’s advice and divide AIP into several parts […] 750M ARB (7.5% procurement) sent to the Arbitrum Foundation. This will be voted on in its own AIP and we are working on options to add more accountability.” wrote The entity responsible for the layer2 DAO in a long thread.

Concerning the sale of tokens, the stated that 10 million TRPs had been sold against fiat to pay for short-term operating costs” and that 40 million tokens remaining had been allocated in the form of loan to a sophisticated player in the financial market space”. He is the crypto market maker Wintermute. There are no further sales planned, according to the announcement.

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We look forward to proposing the new AIPs early this week and participating in an open discussion with DAO,” the foundation concluded.

Last month, Arbitrum made some noise in the ecosystem with its airdrop received by nearly half a million wallets in less than 48 hours.

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