DaVinci Resolve 18 integrates cloud collaboration and AI editing features

Blackmagic Design has officially announced DaVinci Resolve 18, the latest version of the popular video editing and coloring software. However, its latest additions are in the collaboration capabilities of multiple users in the cloud, in a similar way to what we see in Google Docs, where multiple users can edit the same project simultaneously. These features will certainly help streamline work from a distance, especially as many companies of all kinds have implemented work from home in recent years.

DaVinci Resolve integrates a number of advanced features for team collaboration

DaVinci Resolve 18 thus introduces Blackmagic Cloud, the infrastructure through which collaboration between teams is possible within the application. You can edit sound and image, change colors, and add real-time special effects to a single project using multiple computers, and everything is possible by implementing the new Blackmagic Proxy Generator App. It automatically makes smaller versions of edited files easier to transfer from one computer to another. The advantage is that these transfers are done automatically, and the links are made automatically with the original material, in order to have the maximum quality when you remove the final material.

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Even though the new collaboration features are the most important in DaVinci Resolve 18, there are some new features that will help video editors. They use the DaVinci Neural Engine, an AI algorithm that allows real-time clipping of animals, vehicles, people, and dishes for isolation for the application of isolated coloring only to them, or for adding effects. There is also the option to separate objects and people in the foreground, so that you can apply different colors to each one. Other impressive features are those that can track other items, such as printing on a T-shirt, which can be isolated and replaced with something else or completely erased.

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As before, DaVinci Resolve 18 is almost completely free software. Some features remain exclusive to the “Studio” version, which costs 315 euros. DaVinci Neural Engine features, some advanced effects, image noise reduction capabilities, and editing 10-bit, 120 FPS, or higher-resolution video clips are limited to the paid version. However, in the “free” version, you can render 8-bit color videos in 4K at up to 60 frames per second.

source: Engadget

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