Danish donor conference raises some 1.5 billion euros for Ukraine

The conference of donors from Northern European countries, held as a sign of support for Ukraine throughout Thursday in Denmark, has managed to raise more than 1.5 billion euros earmarked for sending military assistance to the country, which is facing the Russian invasion of the territory.

Danish Defense Minister Morten Bedskov has indicated that, “in general, most of the participants have agreed to deliver this amount.” “The United Kingdom has already started to increase the funds for arms production,” he said.

Bedskov, who stressed that this is a high sum of money, clarified that the funds will be used throughout this year and in the run-up to 2023. He also predicted that there will be more donations.

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During the conference in Copenhagen, the parties discussed the possibility of increasing arms production, especially ammunition and missiles. Thus, Bedskov thanked Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which have shown their readiness to increase production of artillery systems and other equipment.

Also, the Northern European countries present at the event have held talks on the training of Ukrainian military personnel. In this regard, some countries, such as Denmark, have agreed to offer corresponding assistance.

“Ukraine’s struggle is our struggle. We are with Ukraine. We must meet the needs of its Army and we must not allow Putin to destroy our democracy,” he has asserted.

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Shortly before, the Danish authorities announced the delivery of another 110 of million euros to finance the Ukrainian Army in the framework of the conference in support of Kiev. “Ukrainians pay a high price for Putin’s cruelty every day. We are in awe of their heroism and resilience. Their resilience is invincible, but they cannot stand alone in this unequal war,” he explained.

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