Dacia makes waves in Europe, again: surprising performance with “green” cars

Although it has more affordable cars in its portfolio than other manufacturers, Dacia seems to do a very good job of addressing the demands of all categories of users, especially those who are interested in protecting the planet. Not the other way around, but it’s also seen in sales.

The latest victory of the Mioveni manufacturer came from Germany, the most important car market in all of Europe. Where the emphasis is on alternative propulsion, ecology engines and green energy, the Romanians from Dacia are doing very well. For this purpose, electric propulsion and LPG cars helped. Not the other way around, but the latter also have a significantly lower impact on the environment than traditional engines.

Dacia is making waves in Germany, with electricity and LPG

To date, in Germany, Dacia has sold about 1,000 electric units – Dacia Spring and just over 6,000 cars with dual engines, gasoline – LPG. For reference, the latter is considered an alternative propulsion due to its low CO2 emissions.

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If we look only at Spring, about 10% of the total sales for the electric car from Mioveni went to Germany. Out of the total number of Dacia units sold in this country, the young Spring was reflected in 8.5% of sales. From the beginning of January to the end of March, there were 12,560 cars.

Returning to LPG propulsion, they represent 45.9% of Dacia’s total sales on the German car market. Consequently, cumulating them with the electric ones sold, we see that over half of the cars of the giant from Mioveni sold to the Germans are with alternative propulsion.

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To better understand the German interest in alternatives to gasoline and diesel, according to KBA data, it is worth noting that in the first quarter of this year, 278,786 copies of this category were sold or 44.5% of the total. market. Of these, 151,545 were electric, for a total of 24.2% of the market. The leaders in the alternative propulsion area are Audi, BMW and Mercedes, while the electric ones are exclusively driven by Mercedes, followed by BMW and Tesla.

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