Dacia fans are crowding at the beginning of the year: they are not even waiting for Rabla 2022

While the global car market is still trying to adapt to the pressure of the semiconductor crisis, Dacia seems to be winning, after winning. It was not even necessary to start the Rabla 2022 program, for the Romanians to rush to become owners.

March did not start well either, and the statistics regarding the registrations in February, on the Romanian territory, came online. On this occasion, we see that the car market in Mioritic lands is recovering. We have not yet returned to the pre-pandemic period or the summer months of 2021, but the situation is gratifying and the trend is optimistic.

February in Romania, in terms of registrations

In February of this year, on the Romanian territory, there was an advance of 25% on the area of ​​car registrations and 15.34% on the other motorized ones, from trucks and trucks to motorcycles. In clear figures, we are talking about 8,616 cars registered last month in the country, an increase of about 2000 compared to the same month in 2021 or 24.92%.

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According to the data made public by DRPCIV, this is an important increase, but, unfortunately, it is below February 2019, but at the level of the second month of 2020, when Romania had not yet entered the pandemic. If we add the statistics for the first two months of 2020, the market is almost 40% higher than we saw last year in the same period or about 5,000 more cars.

Almost predictably, the best-selling brand in the second month of the year in Romania was Dacia, which recorded a spectacular jump of 141.4%. The news is even better after, in 2021, it surprised with extremely low figures. In second place, Hyundai consolidates its leading position in import brands, with an increase of 39%, followed by Skoda (+ 8.5%), VW (+ 26%) and Ford, with a decrease of 14.5 % compared to last year, when he was the leader of import brands.

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If we look at specific models, again, Dacia makes the law in Romania. These are Logan, Duster and Sandero, on the first three places in the ranking. Ford Puma is on four, another car assembled on Mioritic lands. In the import area, Hyundai Kona was in 5th place, Skoda Octavia in 6th, VW T-Roc in seventh. Dacia Spring is coming, which seems to have exhausted its momentum, in anticipation of the Rabla Program, which has only just begun in February, so its effects are expected only next month and in the coming months. On the second-hand area, Romanians brought 6,832 vehicles to the country, down 31.2% compared to the same month in 2021.

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