Cristina Fernandez says she did not notice the attack at the moment

The Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, assured before the judge that she did not notice the assassination attempt against her at the moment it took place, but that she knew what had happened when she already entered her home in Buenos Aires.

Fernández gave a statement on Friday morning before Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo and came to acknowledge that she was not aware that a man had pointed a gun at her just a few hours before, according to judicial sources quoted by the newspaper ‘La Nación’.

The authorities are investigating what happened as an attempted homicide, but Fernandez did not ask in her first statement to be incorporated as a defendant in the case, which would give her access to the file and allow her to appeal decisions.

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The detainee, Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, 35 years old and of Brazilian origin, has refused to testify in his first opportunity before the judge and the prosecutor, although he has recognized as his own the Bersa 32 caliber pistol that he fired and that, according to the first investigations, was capable of firing, reports the agency Télam.

In addition, more than twenty witnesses have already testified, mainly sympathizers of Fernandez who were next to the house when the attack took place and members of the security personnel.

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