Crédit Mutuel chairman blasts cryptocurrencies

If you like the bleaching and the crimeyou will love the crypto-currencies “, according to Nicolas Thérythe president of the French banking group Crédit Mutuel.

In an interview with the media La Croix, Nicolas Thérywho was recently reappointed for a three-year term at the head of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, the main entity of the tricolor group, spoke about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

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To the only question on the subject: The Crypto-currencies shake up the banking system. How do you look at them? “, the leader replied:

If you like laundering, crime, anonymity, you’re going to love cryptocurrencies. The bank has a duty to advise and I’m proud that we’ve always told our clients not to venture into it. The invention of central banking, of sovereign money, is a social progress. It protects the purchasing power of the working classes, but also tax revenues, fights fraud and ensures stability. Inflation is a cancer, a brutal and undemocratic tax. Advocating for cryptocurrencies is like supporting the Russian Wagner militia against the armies of the republic. It is an attempt to privatize a common good.”

Anti-cryptoThe bank has been warning its customers against investing in BTC, ETH and the like for several years.

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Last year, following the bankruptcy of FTX, the boss of the group, Daniel Baaldeclared that this new affair fed the doubts about the viability of the ‘crypto’ sector ” only a few months after the collapse of the stablecoin in the Terra ecosystem.

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