Solana launches Gameshift to simplify web game design3

Solana Labs has deployed the beta from Gameshift. The solution enables developers from web3 games se concentrate on their title rather than on theblockchain technical aspect.

On Tuesday, at its annual conference Breakpoint in Amsterdam, blockchain publisher Solana has announced the beta launch of its new web3 game development solution called Gameshift unveiled earlier this year.

According to Solana Labs, Gameshift is the “easiest and fastest” way to deliver a web3 experience in video games on Solana. The solution offers an API built on L1 that can be used without any knowledge of blockchain development.

Integrating GameShift’s API to manage blockchain complexity allows developers to devote more resources directly to game development. More importantly, they can offer gamers a user-friendly Web2 experience, alleviating the common frictions of Web3″, said Davis Hart, GameShift’s Product Manager.

GameShift supports dollar credit card transactions, giving nocoiners the ability to purchase gaming items without having to own crypto-currencies. More generally, the solution simplifies content storage, gas fees and the creation of smart contracts.

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Durant BreakpointSolana Labs has also announced that Solana data was now live on Google Cloud BigQuery.

Last month, the US publisher set up the Solana Incubator, a program designed to support web3 impact startups in their adoption of blockchain.

SOL’s share price has risen sharply this year, particularly over the past 15 days, and recently regained its pre-bankruptcy FTX price level.

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