While not confirming European exit, Oppo admits temporary suspension of German operations

Although they once signed a multi-year patent licensing agreement, Oppo and Nokia have nevertheless ended up in court over a dispute over patents related to the use of 5G technologies developed by the Finnish company. Apparently, the lawsuit isn’t going well for Oppo, with the brand controlled by the giant BBK Electronics Corporation having to suspend its German operations.

The Finnish company has filed several lawsuits against Oppo since 2021, saying the Chinese manufacturer is using its essential and non-essential patents without a license. This appears to come after Nokia tried to negotiate a contract extension in 2018. According to Nokia, its licensing agreement has expired, but Oppo continues to use its patented technologies. The patents relate to connectivity technologies, graphical interfaces and device security capabilities. The company says Oppo has declined an offer to renew the contract, but continues to use previously licensed technologies even without the contract.

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Oppo, whose European headquarters are in Germany, commented to local publication T3N on the anticipated exit from the European market, denying the rumors. However, the company admits indefinitely suspending business in the German market pending a favorable resolution in the dispute with Nokia.

The shift from optimism to hope comes after just last month we learned of plans Oppo and OnePlus have for unveiling a new range of products during 2023, available in “all existing European markets”.

According to information obtained from sources, Nokia is reportedly charging a €2.50 per smartphone sold licensing fee. But the real problem would be that German law requires both companies to sign a globally valid agreement with Nokia. And since Oppo and OnePlus are owned by BBK Electronics, the latter would be obliged to pay licensing fees for all phones sold internationally.

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