Corneliu Vadim Tudor and the minors ‘served’ to Eugen Barbu: the moment when security ignored the facts of his “patronelo”

We all know Eugen Barbu through his literary works. However, it seems that, in some cases, the artist would have nothing to do with the man, the two entities being totally separate from each other.

According to an article signed by the editors of Adevărul, Eugen Barbu would have had a totally “unorthodox” habit, as we will relate below, supported by the source mentioned above.

Writer Eugen Barbu – archive image

Eugen Barbu, a controversial head-tail character

The well-known and appreciated writer Eugen Barbu, author of the novel The Pit, was born on 20 February 1924 and was, throughout his career, a pamphleteer, polemicist, journalist, novelist, publicist, screenwriter, and member of the Romanian Parliament.

His scholarly activity was rewarded by the prestigious Herder Prize, but also by his inclusion in the Romanian Academy, where he was also a correspondent.

However, Eugen Barbu was a controversial figure, particularly because of his links with the communist regime. Later, he was accused of plagiarism (Prince and Incognito III) and of anti-Semitism.

Perhaps the most serious of the accusations levelled at him over the years was that he liked minors. According to the sources mentioned above, these were allegedly brought to him by none other than Corneliu Vadim Tudor.

In 2005, the Cațavencu Academy published a series of information from the files of the former Securitate, which gave rise to a great scandal.

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The transcript of a telephone conversation between Corneliu Vadim Tudor and Eugen Barbu begins with the following introduction: “Hello, hello patronelo!”. The fragment goes on to reveal that Vadim Tudor used to bring the man he considered his spiritual patron underage for the purpose of sexual relations.

In fact, the Securitate would have been perfectly aware of what was going on behind “closed doors”, as far as the two men were concerned, but would have preferred to “sweep under the carpet” the absolutely reprehensible facts, since, especially Eugen Barbu, was well “entrenched” in the regime at that time.

The facts in question date back to the 1980s, when Eugen Barbu was editor of the magazine “Săptămâna”. Corneliu Vadim Tudor was also an apprentice there.

“Well, if I was “arrested” by the so-called Gina de la Pescăruș. Look, she wants to send you her greetings”, Vadim Tudor is said to have said to Eugen Barbu, and then handed the receiver to a certain “Gina de la Pescăruș”.

Later, Eugen Barbu asked her for details, asking her what she was doing with Vadim Tudor. “We’re just sitting around… I like you. I’d like to meet you,” she replied.

“Oh! What the… Oh, dear! Vadim’s blowing you. Give him here to instruct him. Okay, be good there”, Eugen Barbu, who was called “patronelo”, would have added.

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Corneliu Vadim Tudor – archive image

Security would have been perfectly aware of what was happening

Security reports also include some operational information gathered by those who kept Corneliu Vadim Tudor and Eugen Barbu under surveillance.

“During the afternoon, “Ticu”, the conspiratorial name associated with Vadim Tudor, was visited by one of his girlfriends (…), aged 15. He also had a series of phone calls, arrangements and piles, as well as concerning films and tapes. At 7.05 p.m., (…) was still with him. He arrived at 3 p.m.,” the 1986 report states.

In another report, this time from 1987, another girl was allegedly brought up.

Specifically, Eugen Barbu allegedly asked Vadim Tudor to call “Ani” to arrange a meeting with her. Ani was also supposedly a minor.

Immediately after the press revealed the alleged facts, the CNSAS College confirmed that the Securitate file on Corneliu Vadim Tudor did indeed contain information about his attempts to bring Eugen Barbu girls aged 15-16 to have sexual relations with.

“The CNSAS College has analyzed the Securitate files in question, concerning C.V. Tudor and Eugen Barbu, and has come to the conclusion that the published information corresponds to the original existing in the CNSAS archives, namely volumes 3, 4, 5 and 8 of file D176,” the College’s communiqué reads, according to Adevărul.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor has denied the accusations, claiming that there is no truth behind them and that everything was, in fact, fabricated by those who want, at all costs, to denigrate him.

Eugen Barbu with Corneliu Vadim Tudor – archive image

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