Company offers massive discounts to save the last quarter

Tesla fails to meet its sales targets and offers significant discounts for customers who buy certain models.

So in the US the company is offering a $7,500 discount for Model 3 and Model Y cars that ship this month, according to Reuters.

Also to boost sales, Tesla announced free charging on the Supercharger network for the first 10,000 miles on cars delivered in December.

The promotions are unusual, as Elon Musk has resisted such strategies for years.

The company’s image appears to have been significantly damaged by the billionaire’s actions as CEO of the social media network Twitter. Since then, Tesla’s shares have fallen by about 40%.

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The company also recently broke one of Musk’s “laws” against promoting through traditional advertising. Tesla ran a TV commercial in China.

Under the circumstances, the final quarter of the year is again looking weak for Tesla after the company had an excess production of 22,000 vehicles from July to September. Elon Musk blamed the situation on the US central bank, which raised the benchmark interest rate, making credit more expensive.

Bad news for the electric vehicle maker is also coming from customers who have started using Tesla Semi trucks. Apparently their range is far below the manufacturer’s advertised range.

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