Apple may not launch OLED tablets until 2024

Apple has so far only managed to adopt OLED displays on two of the product categories it makes: watches and phones. Other display devices still use LCDs, including iPad tablets. This could change from 2024, when the first iPad Pro models with larger and more powerful OLED screens than today’s are expected.

Next-generation iPad Pro could ship with OLED screens

Since no upgrades are expected for the iPad Pro in 2023, with the M2 models only launching in 2022 and a new, more powerful chip scheduled for release later, those waiting for the next model will have good reason to upgrade.

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First, the new iPad models, will get 11.1″ and 13″ OLED screens respectively. These are 0.1″ larger than the current ones, but no size changes are expected in the construction. So the tablets could retain their shape and size, and probably compatibility with accessories already released, but will offer more powerful and slightly larger screens.

The information comes from a highly reliable source, Ross Young at DSCC, who has a very high success rate for “leaks”. He gets his information directly from vendors who work directly with Apple, and usually sooner or later, the rumors he publishes are officially confirmed.

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Most likely, the new iPad Pro models will ship with Apple’s next silicon processor, the M3, which will also be housed inside the company’s other core computers, such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″, iMac and Mac Mini. There are also rumours of an iPad model with a 16″ screen, but it’s unclear whether Apple would actually create such a device, given that there’s currently no market for tablets with screens that large.

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