God of War, Wednesday and the Beluga Cat – what kids ‘dreamed’ of in 2022

A recent study by Kaspersky reveals the most popular topics for kids in the fall of 2022.

From the data resulting from YouTube searches, the Netflix series “Wednesday” generated the most interest, becoming the most popular series. “God of War” also managed to grab the attention of many kids, along with the established leaders in gaming – “Roblox” and “Minecraft”. In addition, the “Beluga Cat” meme remains in the most popular trends, thanks to its own YouTube channel.

December is the time when kids get presents, but for parents it can be the time when they understand what they really want. One way to find the perfect gift may be to explore their interests. Kaspersky analyzed anonymized data provided by users of Kaspersky Safe Kids child safety software from August 28 to November 28, 2022, including YouTube search queries.

Movies, games or memes

This fall, the Netflix series “Wednesday” generated significant interest. Vloggers made videos dedicated to ideas about makeup, dress, and the dance of the main character, who Jenna Ortega plays in episode four of the show, in the prom scene, and the dance went viral online.

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More than half of kids asked to watch cartoons this season in the “Cartoons, Movies and TV Shows” categories (50.48%). In the fall, kids were most interested in the Netflix shows “Inside Job” and “Zootopia+,” which launched on Disney+. And one of the most popular movies was Enola Holmes 2, starring Millie Bobby Brown, released in October, also on Netflix.

Also back in the spotlight this fall was the “Beluga Cat” meme, thanks to the Beluga YouTube channel. Another major topic was the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar during the build-up to the soccer tournament, which was highlighted by all the searches related to “Sports.”

In the games category, November 2022 included three new releases – Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, God of War Ragnarök and Just Dance 2023 Edition – all of which had many young people among their followers.

These managed to capitalise on the attention of children, alongside established gaming leaders – Roblox and Minecraft.

In terms of toys, the LEGO Ninjago series is still extremely popular for all ages and tops the interest charts. Also interestingly, “Harry Potter” related products including LEGO toys and sets were also among the most popular requests this fall.

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The full report on kids’ online interests and tips on how to pick the perfect Christmas gift is here.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe online:

  • Monitor your children’s online activity carefully. Ask them if you can watch their favorite shows together or listen to their music. Optionally, you can learn some best practices together to stay safe online.
  • A good option is parental control apps. It’s important not only to install them, but also to talk to your children about them, explain how they work and why they are necessary to stay safe online.
  • Explain that sensitive information should only be shared through safe messaging apps and only with people they know in real life. You can show them examples of appropriate behaviour in such situations.
  • Spend more time communicating with children about online safety measures. Pay attention to their own habits too. Use your smartphone while eating or talking? Do children imitate any of these habits or patterns of behaviour? Do they react differently to you when you put your phone away?
  • Make cybersecurity discussions more enjoyable and interesting through games and other fun ways.

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