Better Call Saul is back with a new season: what we know so far about it

Immediately after the end of the mega-hit “Breaking Bad”, a new series, called “Better Call Saul”, meant to continue, to some extent, the initial story was launched, to the great joy of the fans of the former.

The story focuses on the life and “adventures” of the main character, a lawyer with questionable life values. Many of the characters who appear in “Better Call Saul” were also part of the cast of “Breaking Bad”.

AMC has released the official trailer for season 6, “Better Call Saul”, which offers an interesting perspective on the final chapter of the acclaimed drama, but also on its characters.

Produced by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the series serves primarily as a spin-off prequel to “Breaking Bad,” as I mentioned earlier, focusing on the main character, Jimmy McGill, played by the talented Bob Odenkirk. The story focuses on his beginnings as a lawyer and crook, but also on the transition, eventually, to the “character” Saul Goodman.

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The sixth season of “Better Call Saul” will be the last

Better Call Saul also explores the lawyer’s relationship with now-retired police officer Mike Erhmantraut, who becomes a member of the Juarez drug cartel.

Along with Bob Odenkirk, the cast of “Better Call Saul” includes Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, Tony Dalton, Michael Mando, Giancarlo Esposito and Patrick Fabian.

The premiere of the first season took place in 2015, and from the very beginning, the series received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, garnering 39 Primetime Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations. After five successful seasons, “Better Call Saul” is nearing its end, it is launching, after two years of waiting, the sixth season, and the last one, by the way.

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About a month before the big return of the series on the small screens, AMC has released the official trailer for season 6 “Better Call Saul”

It can be seen in the following:

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