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Chrome will display recent searches in the New Tab section


Easily the most visited part of the Chrome interface, the New Tab section is already used to display the Discover feed, plus shortcuts to frequently visited pages.

Currently in the experimental stage, the functionality enabled by checking the Enabled of the parameter chrome://flags/#organic-repeatable-queries add a card to the New Tab section reflecting the last query made from your preferred search engine. Called “Continue browsing”, it works as a shortcut to replay the last search.

Not yet in final form, the new functionality can be tested in no less than 5 implementation versions, varying aspects such as the number of searches displayed simultaneously and the selection criteria (e.g. frequent searches, or chronological order).

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At least in the current formula, the new card seems to have some shortcomings. For example, longer search phrases do not fit in the space allotted, which could be confusing for users.

Apparently, displaying recent searches in the New Tab section has been tested for at least two months with experimental versions of Chrome, but it’s only now been added as a selectable experiment in the official version of the app. Although, this is a common strategy used by Google, testing new features with a larger group of Chrome users also doesn’t guarantee that they will move beyond the experimental stage.

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