Catalunya launches a digital wallet to carry cards on cell phones

Catalonia has presented this Thursday ‘La meva cartera’, a web ‘app’ that works as a digital wallet in which to store, on the cell phone, all of the personal cards. The health card will be the first to be included in this digital wallet, which will soon include others such as the DNI or passport. At October another card will be included and, although it has not yet been decided, the Govern believes that the large family card has “many points”.

‘La meva cartera’, which will be launched from September 27 and will be available for download at the website, is a project developed by the Conselleria de Polítiques Digitals. “Nowadays we carry almost everything in our cell phones. La meva cartera’ is a digital keychain to carry all your cards.. It is a project that is born with a first card, the health card, because everyone has the health card,” said the ‘conseller’ at the presentation. Jordi Puigneró.

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From the 27th, ‘La meva cartera’ will be available for use. in pharmacies. There the user, through the cell phone, will be able to show his or her health card, which will previously have to have been downloaded through the ‘app’. “From the 27th, medication will be accessible through this way in pharmacies. This system is not a substitution, but rather complements the physical card,” said Jordi Casas, president of the Consell de Col.legis Farmacèutics. “Physical cards will not expire,” he specified.

In addition, soon this system (the display of the health card on the cell phone through ‘La meva cartera’) will also be implemented in the primary care centers (CAP) and hospitals. “This ‘app’ has the will to grow and over the next few weeks we will be announcing. new additions of other cards”, highlighted the ‘conseller’.

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For his part, the ‘conseller’ de Salut, Josep Maria Argimon, has said that the health card is “the most used”, the one that “everyone” has and gives “identity”. “Now we will be able to go to pharmacies with this digital identity. Over time it will become our main tool and not only for the health card,” Argimon said. According to him, the Generalitat is starting to use it in pharmacies because. “technologically they are prepared”. “Our healthcare centers will go little by little because they can read a barcode but from the card, not from the cell phone,” he qualified. Currently, only one 40% of healthcare centers of the territory can perform this digital reading.

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