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Cargo plane crashes in northern Greece


A Ukrainian cargo plane has crashed on Saturday night in the Antifilippi area, northern Greece, on a commercial trip from Serbia, which was destined for Jordan.

During the flight, the engine has failed and the pilot has tried to land at the airport of Kavala, a coastal city in northern Greece.

However, the engine caught fire and the plane crashed between the towns of Antifilippi and Palaiochori, about 50 kilometers away from the airport, the newspaper ‘Kavala Post’ has reported.

Following the crash, several explosions have occurred.

The aircraft, an Antonov-12, had a crew of eight and “twelve tons of dangerous cargo,” ERT channel has reported.

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After 01.00 local time (00.00 Spanish peninsular time), the authorities have ordered the neighbors around the site of the incident to move away because of the “dangerous and toxic vapors” emitted by the aircraft.

A representative of Civil Protection, in declarations to ERT, has informed that they are carrying out the evacuation of all people, including Firefighters, Police and rescue teams, as there are concerns about the nature of the cargo.

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