Camilla pays tribute to Elizabeth II, “the only woman” in a man’s world

England’s Queen Consort Camilla has stressed of the late Queen Elizabeth II that she was “the only woman” in a male-dominated world of prime ministers and presidents.

“It must have been very difficult for her to be the only woman. There have been no female prime ministers or presidents. She was the only one, so she carved out her own niche,” Camilla said in an interview with the BBC to be broadcast on Sunday night, ahead of the official minute’s silence for the monarch scheduled for 8pm.

The preview of these statements also reflects Camilla’s admiration for Elizabeth II’s smile. “I will always remember her smile,” she has affirmed in a very emotional and personal tone, as well as her “wonderful blue eyes that lit up her whole face when she smiled.”

“I will always remember that smile. That smile is unforgettable (…). It will always be part of our lives. I’m 75 now and I can’t remember anyone but the queen in her position,” Camilla has said.

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Camilla is queen consort and princess of Wales, but her beginnings in public life were difficult, as she was blamed for the separation of Charles, now Charles III, from his first wife, Diana, who also died in a tragic car accident in Paris in 1997. Charles and Camilla married in 2005 and was finally accepted into the Royal Family with the Queen’s blessing and will be crowned Queen at her husband’s imminent coronation.

Also paying tribute to the queen has been Prince Andrew, brother of the new king, Charles III, referring to his “dear mother, mother and her majesty, three in one.” “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve her. Mother of the nation, your devotion and personal service to our nation is unique and unparalleled. Your people have shown their love and respect in so many ways … and I know you want to honor their respect,” she explained.

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“Mommy, I will treasure forever your love for a son, your compassion, your care, your trust. Her knowledge and wisdom are infinite, without boundaries (…). I will miss your insight, your advice and your humor,” he added.

Now, “when our book of experiences closes, another one opens and I will forever hold you close to my heart, with my deepest love and gratitude, and I will gladly leave with you as my guide,” Andres remarked in a public message.

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