British government advises against queuing for Elizabeth II’s funeral chapel due to long waiting times

The UK Government has recommended Friday that the population should not go for the time being to the queue to visit the funeral chapel of Elizabeth II due to the long waiting times that are being recorded during the day.

“To avoid disappointment, please do not go out to join the queue,” said the Ministry for Culture, Media and Sport, which has detailed that a measure on the closure of the queue will be adopted during the day.

“Waiting times are already 13.5 hours and could increase,” he explained. At the moment, the end of the queue is near Southwark Park.

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The funeral chapel opened Wednesday afternoon and will not close until early Monday morning — 6:30 a.m., one hour later in mainland Spain –. That same day will take place the state funeral in memory of Elizabeth II, in the presence of hundreds of international leaders.

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