Bunnies invade Florida –

Lionhead rabbits are Florida’s newest invasive species and have been brought into Jenada Isles, an 81-home community in Wilton Manors.

According to HuffPost, the rabbits are distinguished by their flowing manes and number between 60 and 100 bunnies. A backyard breeder released the rabbits when she moved away from the community, and they have only grown in population since then.

Alicia Griggs is trying to raise the tens of thousands of dollars needed to have the rabbits captured, neutered and then given away. “They really need to be rescued. So we’ve tried to get the city to do it, but they just drag their feet,” Griggs said. “They think if they do that, they have to get rid of iguanas and everything else that people don’t want around.” “People don’t realize they are exotic pets and they are complicated. They have a complicated digestive system and they have to eat a special diet. You can’t just throw table scraps at them.”

However, authorities such as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have said the rabbits pose no threat to wildlife, and so they will not intervene.

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What do you think, should the bunnies stay as they are, or should we send them to another home?

Bunnies invade Florida

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