Bring back to your home the immortal charm of rustic design stoves (P)

As time went on, the rustic wood stove in the warm and welcoming home of our parents or grandparents in the country turned into a true technological marvel, thanks to its performance, superior caloric yield and innovations put to the test by the most famous manufacturers. in the field of alternative heaters.

In this sense, the people from Sibiu dedicated to fire, recommended by the over 20 years of activity on the Romanian profile market, show us that today’s stove manages to surprise even the most demanding of customers, with new models proposing a modern design. -minimalist or with variants of rustic stoves, specially designed to respect the authentic air of rusticity, but which are brought from a structural point of view and of the premium materials used, to the current needs of thermal comfort.

In addition, they are no longer made only of traditional cast iron, the premium models being lined with chamotte – an innovative consumable material with a superior thermal insulation capacity. Thanks to the very high temperature in the combustion chamber, the chances of remaining ash residues deposited inside decrease considerably and the hearth glass always remains clean, the operation of cleaning the stove also becoming much easier. In addition, chamotte-lined stoves look nicer, noting that chamotte needs to be replaced after about 5 years of constant use.

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The capacity of fireplaces is determined directly by the size of the space to be heated. Although models with chamotte coating have the advantage that they are much easier to clean and maintain the combustion, however, if it is necessary to generate more heat and for a long period of time, stoves with cast iron walls are recommended as being the most suitable.

Whether you want a premium stove or a cheap wood-burning fireplace, the natural warmth of wood burning is incomparable. Now you can arrange your home so that you can enjoy the comfort you have always dreamed of, but also a special element of decoration, high quality and long life.

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At prices specially designed for the financial possibilities of every Romanian, the people of Sibiu dedicated to fire offer you a wide range of wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, countless models of electric, gas or pellet fireplaces, cast iron, steel or chamotte-lined stoves , but also one of the dozens of outdoor heater models, ideal for the terraces of restaurants, cafes or to liven up the magical atmosphere in the garden of your home or even from the balcony of your apartment block.

The order is made online on the official website and the product reaches you free of charge, within a maximum of 48 hours from the confirmation of the purchase. Experienced craftsmen in thousands of successfully delivered projects will support you with complete services and professional installation – all in order to be able to enjoy your new heating device in complete safety and comfort!

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