Thanks to street-legal e-scooters, I can get to my destination faster

They see me rollin: E-scooters not only get you from A to B, they are also a lot of fun to drive!

They see me rollin’: E-scooters not only get you from A to B, they’re also a lot of fun to drive!

As is well known, public transport is not the cheapest or most punctual due to higher powers (Deutsche Bahn). That’s why I’ve been using e-scooters from Lime, Tier and Voi for the last year and I pay less than for a bus ride. You save even more with your own e-scooter for which you only need one app: The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S E-Scoter costs you only €389.99 during the Late Night Shopping campaign at MediaMarkt – it ends on June 1st!

Cruise through your city with the e-scooter!

Xiaomi street legal e-scooter: 30 km range

Having your own e-scooter gives you a decisive advantage: 100% independent mobility without any waiting time. You can cover short distances to shopping, school, university or work faster than Sonic. In addition, you don’t always have to look out for rental scooters in your area and hope that they are fully charged: The Xiaomi e-scooter is ready for use in just 5.5 hours and will take you 30 kilometers.

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The Xiaomi e-scooter even manages an incline of up to 14% without breaking a sweat.

The Xiaomi e-scooter even manages an incline of up to 14% without breaking a sweat.

Which e-scooters need a license plate? With a top speed of 20 km/h you won’t break the sound barrier, so you don’t have to worry about street legal. However, it is important to have a sticker and insurance. Also, forget the idea of ​​taking friends on the e-scooter – it’s only rated for a weight of 100kg.

Race away like the boss on your Xiaomi e-scooter!

When are e-scooters allowed to drive 25 km/h? Everything that is currently driving faster than 25 km/h may only be on private property, company premises or a racetrack. Colleague Patrick reports here about models that get rolling at incredible 70km/h in Germany:

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When can I drive an e-scooter?

Theoretically may everyone drive an e-scooter who is older than 14 years – there are now models for younger children that are only 12km/h fast. In order to move your vehicle legally, it must – just like your bike – have a minimum of equipment: for example lights and reflectors at the front and rear. Of course, the scooter on offer meets all these requirements and nothing stands in the way of you getting started.

Grab an e-scooter on offer at MediaMarkt!

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