Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot shows off some sweet parkour skills –

A new video from Boston Dynamics shows just how far robotics has come in recent years, as we see the Atlas robot find a way to get a bag of tools to a workman high up on scaffolding.

In the clip, we see Atlas picking up a board of wood, jumping up some steps, pushing a box over a box, and to top it off, doing a somersault. This is certainly impressive stuff, and Boston Dynamics has also released a behind-the-scenes video detailing how the team got Atlas into this shape.

Based on its appearance, many of Atlas’ previous big moves were to make it move, but now the team is putting the robot to work, programming it to figure out how to lift and carry different objects.

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The team also tells us how Atlas sees and perceives things. The robot has cameras in its head, which work similarly to a human eyeball and help it recognize objects and environments.

If you want to see the clip and behind-the-scenes video, you can watch both below:


Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off some sweet parkour skills

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