Borrell calls for immediate reactivation of Iran nuclear deal given lack of time to make further progress

The European Union’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, has reiterated this Saturday the immediate reactivation of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the international community after considering that there is no more time left to reach “new significant commitments”.

“After 15 months of intense and constructive negotiations in Vienna,” Borrell has come to the “conclusion” that neither Iran nor the international community will be able to achieve new additional advantages.

Right now what is on the table, according to Borrell, “is not a perfect agreement, but it addresses all the essential elements and includes the agreements reached with a lot of effort by all parties.”

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Borrell has recalled that the so-called JPCOA is a limited instrument, which does not address other bilateral concerns of either Iran or the United States that go beyond the nuclear issue, such as human rights and Iran’s regional activities.

However, the European diplomat has recalled that the agreement is “a cornerstone of the global non-proliferation architecture” that can serve as a gateway to significant economic and financial dividends, in addition to strengthening regional and global security.”

“If the deal is rejected, we risk a dangerous nuclear crisis, faced with the prospect of further isolation for Iran and its people. It is our joint responsibility to conclude the deal,” concluded Borrell.

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