Borderless Capital deploys $50M to support Wormhole Bridge

Borderless Capital announces the launch of the fund ” Cross-Chain Ecosystem “. Equipped with 50 million dollars and supported by Aptos, Polygon and Solanaamong other things, it aims to make Wormholethe cross-chain standard in the industry.

The American Borderless Capital said on Thursday that it had launched a 50 million dollar fund which will support startups Leveraging the blockchain messaging protocol Wormhole.

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A myriad of major ecosystem players, such as Jump Crypto, Polygon Ventures, Aptos Labs, the Solana Foundation, CLabs, Optimism and Circle, have invested in the Miami-based crypto VC’s fund.

According to Borderless Capital, because of the many layers1, layers2 and other application blockchains deployed, it is increasingly difficult to navigate in the Web3.

The Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund seeks to unlock the full potential of a cross-chain future, aiming to redefine user experiences and establish Wormhole as the standard for builders to transcend the boundaries of individual ecosystems,” the company wrote in a statement.

Last year, Wormhole lost over $300 million in cryptocurrencies in a hack. The firm of the TradFi Jump Trading had come thereafter to the rescue of the DeFi protocol.

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According to the announcement, the bridge is now used by giants like Coinbase, Circle and Uniswap. It is currently compatible with 23 blockchains.

“It’s really exciting to see so many leading ecosystems coming together with venture capital funds to solve the interoperability challenge Supporting startups that integrate the cross-chain messaging standard Wormhole “Dan Reecer, operations manager at the Wormhole Foundation, said.

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