Bolsonaro tries to take cell phone away from youtuber who sought photo calling him a “coward” and “scoundrel”

Aug. 19 () –

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has tried to snatch the cell phone of a well-known Brazilian youtuber who tried to take a picture with him while calling him, among other things, “scoundrel”, “coward” and “scoundrel”.

The incident took place this Thursday at the exit of the Alvorada Palace, where he usually chats with supporters who daily stand in the vicinity to show their support, especially now that he is at a disadvantage in the polls against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for the October elections.

The person who tried to take a picture with Bolsonaro is the youtuber Wilker Leão, who is used to stop by the official residence of the Brazilian president and record his provocations to the people who are there. It is common to find him committing the same outrages in opposition demonstrations.

On this occasion, while the president stood up to be photographed by his supporters, Leão was reprimanded by those present, who went so far as to make him fall to the ground. Not content with this, he went straight to Bolsonaro calling him “scoundrel”, “coward”, “scoundrel” and “Centrao’s beauty”, in reference to the congressional bench he usually pleases to get his projects through.

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While uttering all these insults, the youtuber tried to take a picture with Bolsonaro, who tried to snatch his cell phone, even grabbing him by the arm. In the midst of the confusion, the Brazilian president entered his official car and the security teams drove Leão away from the place.

Finally Bolsonaro and Leão had a brief conversation of about five minutes in which they addressed some issues such as tax reform, the so-called secret budget, gun possession laws and alliances with Centrao parties, as detailed by the portal G1.

“I need to approve things in Parliament, right? If I were to approve them I’m just a dictator. Close everything, close the Supreme, close the Congress, close everything and I solve things alone. I have to have the support of the Parliament,” Bolsonaro told him, who reminded him that those deputies of the Centrao parties are almost 300 of the 513 in the chamber.

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“How am I going to pass a bill obviating 300 votes?”, asked Bolsonaro, who said he is clear that he cannot please everyone.

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