BMW organizes contest to develop games in car –

While still a very niche part of the gaming world at the moment, cars are becoming more technologically advanced and more often have displays and HUDs that support entertainment options such as watching movies or even playing games. While Tesla has largely been at the forefront of bringing games to cars, BMW is also doubling down on this effort, as it is now partnering with AirConsole to host a competition on developing games that can be played specifically in cars.

The competition is being promoted at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, which starts in a week, with developers who want to be part of this competition able to submit their works from today all the way to the June 8 submission deadline.

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Once submissions are completed, the best four games will be selected, with the developers being awarded €5,000 for their hard work. If the winning games are of sufficient quality, AirConsole has even said it will fund the full development of the game so that it can be included on the AirConsole platform in cars using the service.

“As highlighted by the auto industry at CES, gaming happens in the car. Game makers need to start making games for the car use-case, not just bring games to the car.”, says Antti Makkonen, director of games at AirConsole. “Using phones as controllers in the car makes gaming accessible and fun for everyone, especially when you consider that not everyone will own a game controller, or that playing directly on the car’s touch screen makes your arm pretty fast.”

Are you entering the contest?

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BMW holds contest to develop in-car games

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