Scientists think they’ve discovered what was once the heaviest animal on Earth – -.

The largest animal on Earth today is the Antarctic blue whale, an animal that weighs about 180 tons when fully grown. But scientists have now discovered a fossil in Peru that suggests there was once an animal that weighed even more than that.

The animal, known as the Perucetus colossus, was a prehistoric whale believed to have weighed about 200 tons, with a maximum weight of about 320 tons. The enormous whale is not as long as a blue whale, but is much denser due to having bones with filled inner cavities to support its immense weight.

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It is thought that the animal last lived about 39 million years ago and had a skeleton with 13 vertebrae, four ribs and part of a hip bone.

Scientists are still studying and researching this long-extinct creature.

Scientists think they've discovered what was once the heaviest animal on Earth

Thanks, BBC.

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