Blackberry could make a comeback, business leader says –

Blackberry today is largely seen as a flash-in-the-pan success, holding the entire world’s attention for a brief, blissful moment before the iPhone came out. In 2016, Blackberry stopped making phones and switched to software.

While it is unlikely that a new Blackberry phone could challenge the grip of iOS and Android phones, current company president Matt Johnson believes a comeback is possible in the future.

Johnson believes this is largely due to nostalgia for older phones, especially as users want to detox from social media. “I think if BlackBerry had returned to that philosophy, they might have found success,” he said. Johnson told Sky.

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Blackberry may be getting some new attention thanks to the movie starring Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton that came out this year.

Would you buy a Blackberry today?

Blackberry could make a comeback, says business leader

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