Europe without representatives for Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

This weekend Europe has suffered a big blowand it is that both Fnatic and G2 have been left out of the World Cup.leaving the region without the option of reaching the quarterfinals. This World Cup has counted with the participation of four European teams, but none has managed to live up to the expectations.

Farewell to the European dream

The historic European team, Fnatic, kicked off the series by showing its full potential and dominating the players at all times from Weibowhich allowed them to close out the first game. The dream of Europe seemed to be close at hand, FNC started the second map with an advantagebut the Chinese team took advantage of small mistakes that they were making, which made the game back on track and took the game. The third map was a walkover for the Asian team.WBG was constantly pressuring their rival and managed to take the victory, leaving the score 1-2.

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G2 was the last hope for Europebut could not against the Chinese team BLG. From start to finish the Asian team put G2 under full pressure.their macrogaming allowed him to take the first victory. The Europeans did not give up and stood up to their opponents. in the next map, achieving the victory, and giving a small chance to the European dream, but finally, BLG took the third map with a very clean game and showing the superior level that the Asian region has, leaving the score 1-2.

The results have not been as expected and Europe has shown its worst result in the history of the competition, Asia continues to show its great potential and superiority, y NA has overtaken us without realizing it. It is necessary to be self-critical and analyze very well the mistakes that have been made so that we do not lose all our representatives in the first phase of the World Cup again.

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