1,000 lumens, strobe effect, UV light and “waterproof”

Can this flashlight, with its diverse functions, keep up with a multi-tool pocket knife?  (PublicDomainPictures)

Can this flashlight, with its diverse functions, keep up with a multi-tool pocket knife? (PublicDomainPictures)

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  • TikToker Kyle Krüger reported on the Boruit V10 flashlight.
  • The flashlight has a brightness of 1,000 lumens and has many additional features such as floodlights, UV light, siren and strobe light.
  • Although the flashlight is not completely waterproof, it has a robust construction – which Krüger clearly demonstrates in one of his videos.

In the past, TikToker Kyle Krüger has repeatedly made a name for himself through short videos about particularly bright flashlights.

With the Boruit V10, he recently reported on a flashlight that, thanks to its wide range of functions, could be described as a Swiss army knife among mini flashlights.

Below you can find out what the Boruit V10 can do and where Kyle made a mistake in his presentation of the device.

What can the Boruit V10 flashlight do?

Kyle Krüger has introduced the flashlight in several short videos.

In one of these videos, he praises the device as the “flashlight with the most features and the greatest brightness” – especially if your budget is rather limited.

What makes the Boruit V10 look great? The Boruit V10 presented by Krüger has a black device case. The same flashlight is also available in a green or white device case. In general, the case is designed to be transparent. This means you can look inside the device without removing the cover.

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What functions does the Boruit V10 want to impress with? The range of functions of the flashlight is presented in a video. Kyle says the flashlight has a brightness of 1,000 lumens. Better said, Kyle Krüger lights up his room with his flashlight, then goes out and impressively illuminates the grass and trees across the board.

An additional function of the flashlight is floodlights attached to the side of the device; These glow either green, red, blue and in cold or warm white. You can also use the floodlights as strobe lights.

The flashlight also has the option of shining with UV light. Alternatively, a siren sounds from the flashlight, accompanied by strobe lights. In addition, Boruit V10 is magnetic, so it can be attached to any surface. The flashlight is charged via USB-C and – as Kyle Krüger says in his video – is waterproof.

Is the Boruit V10 really completely waterproof? Kyle corrected the latter claim in a subsequent video. Because Boruit V10 is marked IPX4 – and is therefore protected against splash water on all sides, but not against jets of water, temporary or even permanent submersion.

In the video, Kyle thanks his viewers for the improvement and then explains:

»The reason why I was convinced that Boruit V10 is completely waterproof: the part seems very durable to me«

Viewers then witness Kyle putting his Boruit V10 through a real tour de force: First, the mini flashlight is peppered onto floor tiles, then the TikToker sprays the device down with a garden hose. That’s not all, because next he throws the flashlight he treasures so much in a high arc over the meadow.

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But see for yourself.

After this ordeal, Kyle puts the flashlight prepared in this way to a practical test. But even after handling its flashlight with little care, the device still produces 1,000 lumens, with side floodlights including a strobe option, UV light and siren.

By the way: There are also lights on the desk, as the video below proves.

Light spectacle: See various lighting scenes from the Govee M1 Light Strip with Matter support here
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Light spectacle: See various lighting scenes from the Govee M1 Light Strip with Matter support here

How bright is the Boruit V10 in comparison?

It is not surprising that Kyle Boruit is promoting the V10, as viewers were able to purchase the flashlight at a discount via his TikTok channel. Regardless, Boruit V10 joins the many flashlights featured by Kyle with impressive lumen performance.

These other very bright flashlights are available: With just 1,000 lumens, the Boruit V10 is significantly less powerful than most of the other flashlights presented by the TikToker.

For example, the MS18 from Imalent achieved a maximum of 100,000 lumens, and the successor model SR32 even achieved 120,000 lumens. Last but not least, the Nitebrite 300 is no longer an easily transportable flashlight, but with its 500,000 lumens it shines even more brightly than any other flashlight available in stores.

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Are you euphoric about mini flashlights with a wide range of functions like the Boruit V10 – or does such a light-aparillo require a jaw-cracking yawn from you? And anyway: Which flashlight is in your toolbox – and why do you rely on this device? Feel free to write us your experiences in the comments.

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