Bitcoin holders will get richer as the big crash approaches, says Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, a former real estate investor who made his fortune from it but then turned to financial education, and who is also known as the author of the popular financial education book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” talked about bitcoin on Twitter.

He tweeted that those who hold bitcoins will become richer, naming the engine that he believes should push the flagship crypto-currency to new heights.

“People who own bitcoins will get richer”

Robert Kiyosaki compared the U.S. pension system to a bubble, calling them “the next global Lehman“. The financial services company Lehman Brothers Holdings was founded in 1847. Over time, it managed to become the fourth largest investment bank in the United States. However, in 2008, when the mortgage crisis hit the United States the company filed for bankruptcy.

Yet, according to the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“As soon as the Federal Reserve reverses its hawkish policy and starts pumping unsecured dollars into the economy, printed out of thin air, assets like bitcoin, silver and gold will skyrocket in price. He tweeted that the holders of these three things will get richer after the Fed, Treasury and Wall Street pivot and start printing “fake dollars“.

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Those who save from the “fake money” will be the “biggest losers“, he said. Robert Kiyosaki said this about the “fake dollars” and the coming collapse of the dollar since the pandemic began in early 2020.

At the time, bitcoin briefly fell below $4,000. The U.S. government began handing out financial aid to U.S. citizens during the pandemic lockdown by giving out so-called “survival checks” worth $1,200.

Banks and large corporations were also bailed out. In total, more than $6 trillion US dollars were printed in that year alone. More were added in 2021 as well.

Bitcoin expected to rise against Tesla

Bloomberg Intelligence commodity analyst Mike McGlone tweeted that he expects bitcoin’s price to rise in the near future. He assessed the odds of a rise in BTC and shares of the giant Tesla, both of which have lost $500 billion in capitalization this year.

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Since Tesla is likely to face a severe rivalry, Mike McGlone said, it is unlikely to see a rise. Meanwhile, bitcoin is facing increasing demand and adoption amidst a declining fixed supply.

In addition, the entire world is rapidly going digital. said Mike McGlone, which is another factor that could drive up the price of BTC. In his previous tweets, he stated that BTC is likely to reach $100,000 and that this is just a “matter of time“. In his bullish predictions for bitcoin, he always refers to the rising demand for BTC and its fixed supply of 21 million, which keeps decreasing as more coins are minted.

Currently, over 18 million BTC have already been minted. The previous halving took place in 2020, which means that miners are now producing half the amount of BTC. The next halving will take place in mid-2024.

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