Google launches Android 13 and Google TV version

The Google TV platform is moving to Android 13, but it could be a while before we see the new OS installed on TVs.

As a rule, TV manufacturers allocate ample time for testing and validating firmware pre-installed on devices shipped to consumers. And if numerous pre-installed applications, or a custom interface, are included in the equation, the delay can be considerably longer.

What’s new in the new Google TV platform, based on Android 13

  • Advance audio routing – allows apps to identify the connected device and supported formats before streaming an AudioTrack
  • Settings for choosing preferred resolution and refresh rate on supported source devices connected via HDMI
  • Additional optimizations for power management in standby mode
  • Use of the physical mute button is reflected in the privacy settings section
  • Improved controls for accessing the microphone function on the remote control
  • Global settings for enabling audio descriptions within installed applications
  • A new keyboard interface that allows quick and easy switching between supported languages
  • Better handling of transitions between different HDMI sources, including language selection
  • Support for new reception sources – HAL 2.0 tuner with ISDB-T
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Unfortunately, upgrading to Android 13 TV is not as simple as upgrading to the smartphone version, with TV manufacturers not placing as much importance on regularly updating the Android version. Thus, those who want to experiment with Android 13 TV have a better chance if they follow the release of the next generation of Android TV by buying the model with the latest firmware version pre-installed directly from the factory.

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